The Scharpf Group produces ready-to-use corrosion inhibitors
and undercoating compounds exclusively for
original equipment manufacturers.

We work to match manufacturers’ corrosion-prevention requirements with appropriate compounds and application methods.  Our products are designed to perform in harsh transportation environments and to be application-friendly in the manufacturing process.  The Scharpf Group does not sell to retail customers, we distribute our compounds to OEM and authorized distributors only.
For nearly twenty years, Scharpf Group corrosion and rust inhibitors have earned an excellent reputation in the transportation industry for solid performance.  Time after time, applicators in the manufacturing environment rave at its ease of application.  Once established in the manufacturing process, these products are considered to be "problem free."
We will gladly discuss your specific areas of application and recommend a compound and the application method which will best suit your needs.
For more Information, Product Data Sheets, or Material Safety Data Sheets please feel free to call us or use the ‘contact us’ button to email us.